Wimbledon theme tune remix

Ken, our resident senior editor, was asked by the BBC Music to make a video to accompany Paul Hartnoll’s (Orbital/Peaky Blinders) remix of the now famous Wimbledon theme tune to be played in the second week of the event on BBC 1.

The video was to celebrate 40 years of the iconic theme tune (originally written by Keith Mansfield), so we also peppered the video with famous moments throughout Wimbledon’s long televisual history.

Paul and Ken sketched out a concept of the piece, showing a build up of tension, moments of disappointment and end with large gladiatorial victories. We liaised with BBC Sport, as they were the host department of the video, and with The Farm, who archive all of the BBC’s footage from over the years.

Cutting to music is always really interesting to me, and I love to play with timings, wherever possible cutting against the beat. This creates a dynamic and less predictable flow to a piece, and it’s becoming somewhat of a trademark look for me now with music videos. Paul also added a plethora of the players grunts, and racket hits, which gave me a plenty of cues to cut to.

The final piece took three days to cut, and was broadcast on the 7th July on BBC 1 and BBC 1 HD, and was repeated a couple of times over the rest of the week between matches.