The East studio and team


Video Production
East team climbing shipping containers

Video is life! Our team of dedicated videographers, editors, directors, producers and animators will bring your vision to life. If you’ve got a story we’ll help you tell it with passion and heart.

Drone Filming
Fly away drone shot

Create a buzz! Using the latest drone technology on the market we are able to capture stunning angles to give our videos the edge and wow factor.

Promotional Videos
Hunt Wheels product video closeup

What are you trying to say? Every business passionate about its product or brand needs to tell their story professionally. Whether it’s a product video or music video we can guide you from beginning to end.

Micro Videos
Dan Armitage during boxing training

It’s not the size, it’s what you do with it! Not everyone has huge budgets but still needs to promote their product. We produce small ‘micro’ videos designed for maximum effect on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc,.

East team on shoot waving at the drone

Meet the family! Our team is primed and ready for your project. We keep it all in-house for editing, colouring, music, wrangling and tea making. We also team up with other talented freelancers if the job requires extra muscle.

Sharpstream service explainer animation

Real Characters! We produce our own animated videos in after effects in house. From electric title sequences to instructional infographic videos we design and bring to storyboards to life.