Orbital’s latest video projects

EAST studios working with Orbital on their latest big announcement

EAST Studio were asked by local legends Paul and Phil Hartnoll to create a teaser and announcement films for Orbital’s 2017 comeback tour. We sat down and figured out different concepts for each video, keeping them simple and loud for so they could be executed quickly. Being flexible and fast seems to be quite important in this industry.

Ken Eakin, one of our resident directors said this – “Being a part of East Studio allowed me to quickly collaborate and get the videos out in time for the announcement. I could quickly get in and shoot, and then rely on James and Jamie to back me up with graphics and titles, meaning we could deliver to Orbital as fast as possible.”

All of us here at EAST have been long time Orbital fans so this is a bit of a personal ‘wow’ moment for all of us. Having grown up on a diet of dance music this is an honour and first of many collaborations in the future with Paul and Phil. Watch this space!