Rollocam Hercules dolly review

Rollocam Hercules Review

We bought the “The World’s Smallest Camera Motion Control System” and it’s pretty damn cool

We LOVE producing time-lapses around Brighton and using sliders in our videos so when we heard about the Rollocam Hercules we were keen to back the Kickstarter campaign. Motorised motion control is great for creating smooth panning shots and moving time lapses but your traditional setup would be a big bulky rig and cost quite a bit of money, the Hercules is different, it fits in your pocket and doesn’t cost the earth!

Putting the Rollocam Hercules together for the first time

We backed the campaign 6 months ago and received the Hercules this week after some chasing emails (thanks Rollocam!). So here are our initial thoughts:

What we love

  • It really does fit in your pocket and so quick to set up, so you can take it on shoot even if you’re not planning on using it.
  • Ultra slow movement looks amazing with timelapses, this setting captured some of our favourite shots.
  • Easy to understand and learn the menu interface. Took me 5 minutes.
  • Adjustable wheel angles means it can turn corners which speeds up pan motions and looks great.
  • Overall build quality excellent and feels well machined. Doesn’t feel delicate.

Timelapse 1 sec intervals, Rollocam .5mm increments

Its great but it’s not going to replace the big boys toys. It happily fits my Sony A7s with a small prime on but put a zoom lens on and it becomes front heavy. I took my longboard out and used that as the surface for it to roll over but really you need the little slider plate they offer but the fact it can go across any surface is rather handy. It really is an outdoor time lapse camera device that can take multiple cameras including GoPro’s, DSLR’s, Mirrorless Cameras and iPhones.

The motor isn’t too loud but it is very noticeable on the audio (listen to the audio on the Danbo video below and you’ll see what I mean). I haven’t tried out the magnets yet but with the angle of trajectory it takes (often surprising) you feel like it is just about to fall off the edge of whatever it is on. You can’t take your eyes off the little blighter but it’s slow so you have plenty of notice.

The timelapses can feel a bit jerky as the intervals of the camera and the increments of the Rollocam can add a strange pattern of movement. Im sure this just needs some getting used to.

Rollocam continuous 25mm/sec


We love this little gadget because it enables us to get some movement in our videos we otherwise wouldn’t be able to achieve. It will let you create those amazing panoramic shots you have always dreamed of. You can chuck it in your bag and take it anywhere and in today’s world that is something we all need.

Rating 8.5/10